First, let’s see what’s the problem? Well, the problem is that the spend on higher education is yielding lesser and lesser returns. Today it is common to hear that a B.Tech graduate is actually taking up job of a delivery boy for an E-Commerce company or becoming a freelance content writer or taking up a […]

We have often heard these phrases, that ABC has got a “natural talent” or XYZ has that “special ability” etc. But is it really true that only some amongst the vast majority have special talents and other don’t. Also, from where do these talents come from and can they be learnt by others? Till the […]

We at MapMyTalent have been meeting many parents during our interactions with them. We meet them after our sessions in the schools, as well as during Email / Phone / Skype interaction with them during the course of MyTalent online career counselling Programs and Webinars. There are three four things that come out quite clearly […]

MapMyTalent has been organizing hugely successful Webinars since the last 30 days. The participation is from across the country and the users get enriched by the answers to their queries by MapMyTalent’s Career Counselors. The students and parents get practical tips on Career Choices.

Haa! Life seems to have crossed a full circle. I find my son at that stage of his life where I was almost 25-30 years back. In class IX, itching to get into adulthood and achieve all his dreams and passions. While there are changes, both physiological and emotional, that are taking place in him, […]

It is that time of the year when hordes and hordes of class 12 pass-outs vie for their “supposed” moment of glory, that is, getting into an IIT. As per a few newspaper reports, around 13 lakh students appeared in IIT JEE (mains) this year! Boy! It is a different question altogether that how few […]

Are we really born the same as everyone one else or are we different? Well this is a question that has intrigued a lot of people. Today, a lot of research in neurosciences suggests that we indeed are born different. So what is it that makes us unique and how does it really matter, even […]